XConsole is an easy configuration software for Xilica XD and XP Series products. XConsole is Windows-compatible only. To configure your X Series products using a Mac, please run XConsole on Windows Parallel. Please note that some features are not available for X Series in Xilica Designer. 

PC Installation

Please note the following System Requirements for XConsole:
PC computer or Mac OS running Windows Parallel
Windows XP, Vista or 7
500MB of available space
1GB graphics card

XConsole Installation (PC-compatible only)

1. Download the latest version of XConsole from the Xilica website.

2. Open the downloaded .zip file.

3. Then open the "setup.exe" file.

4. An installation window will appear. Follow the instructions to install XConsole.

Once completed, Windows will ask for permission to allow Firewall Access. It is suggested to allow XConsole to communicate in Private networks, such as home or work. Allow access to public networks at your own discretion. Check the appropriate boxes, then click "Allow Access" to finish installing the program.

XConsole is now installed.

Please also install the USB driver for RS232/USB connections to the device. RS232/USB connection is needed to perform Firmware Upgrades. 

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