Device Resource usage can be viewed for devices and DSP modules. 

There are two ways to view the device's resource usage: 

(1) In Network View, right click the device block > Device Setup > Resource usage tab.
You can view the device temperature information, Error statistics, and resource usage (data memory, program memory, external memory). 

 (2) In Project View, open the device block.
By selecting the background of the device schematic, the device Resource Usage will display in the Object Property menu. This includes: MIPs %, Data memory, Program memory, Instruction memory, external memory.
DSP Module Resource Usage can be viewed by selecting the individual DSP module.  

When viewing a device schematic in design mode, the device resource is an estimated DSP resource. When the device is Online, the device resource is the actual DSP resource. 

Note: If Solaro processor MIPs% is over 100%, the design will not load.


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