Please note that using an older version of software with a newer firmware or newer software with an older firmware will work but some of the features may not be available and bugs could exist. We recommend upgrading the software and firmware to the latest versions.  
If Solaro firmware is updated, the BIOS files must be updated along with the firmware as well. 

How do I know a new Firmware version is available?
In Xilica Designer's Network View, a red circle with backslash or yellow triangle with exclamation mark will display if there is a new Firmware version available. The current device Firmware version is listed in the device block. 

Xilica Firmware upgrades use a numbering scheme of X.Y.Z (like 4.0.1)
X is a major version which means a significant modification on compatibility on different communication protocol. If Xilica Designer and the device(s) have different major versions, they will not work together and will cause trouble.
Y is a minor version which means there are functionality changes, however the communication protocol will remain compatible. Only specific new features will not function properly but in general, older features will still work fine.
Z is the build number. The build number is used when a bug fix version is available.

There are two ways to download the Firmware files: either from the product page on the Xilica website, or directly from Xilica Designer. Internet connection is needed in order to download the Firmware files.

Download from website:  

  1. Navigate to your product page. 

  2. In the Download's section, download the latest Firmware file. 

  3. Save the file to a memorable location on your computer. You will need to locate this file for the upgrade. 

Download from Xilica Designer: 

  1. Start Xilica Designer's Network View. Highlight the device block.  

  2. At the top, select the Device Management tab > Device Firmware Manager. (If a project open, this option is not available. Please close the project to proceed.) 

  3. A window will appear listing all Xilica devices, firmware versions, release notes and a Download button. Click the Download button to download the desired Firmware file. Once completed, click Done


Perform Firmware upgrade:
Performing a Firmware upgrade will erase all data from the device. 

1. In Network View, right click the device block > Firmware upgrade
Performing a firmware upgrade will erase all data on the device. Click 'Ok' to proceed. 

2. A pop-up window will prompt you to select from file system or select a file from the drop-down menu.
Select From File System: locate and open the saved file from your computer. (saved directly from website)
Drop-down menu: select the Firmware file (saved from device manager) 

3. Click "Ok" to proceed. 

4. DO NOT Power OFF the device or disrupt the connection during this process. Doing so can corrupt your processor. 

5. Once the firmware upgrade is complete, the device will automatically reboot. The device block will display as OFF, then ON. Once completed, the device Firmware version can be confirmed on the device block.  

IN THE CASE of disrupted power during a Firmware Upgrade, the processor can result in complete corruption of the processor. If this happens, you will need to perform a USB Firmware Recovery. 

USB Firmware Recovery instructions for Solaro.

USB Firmware Recovery instructions for Neutrino.

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