Solaro Series DSP will automatically save the project file to all Solaro DSPs in the project when going online. This file is for back-up purposes. Only the latest loaded project will be saved to the device. All older versions of the project file will not be stored. Therefore, protecting project files is very important. 

 The user can set up a password for the project file before going online and set up a password for the DSP device.

  1. At the top of Xilica Designer, select Project > Project Password 

  2. Type a memorable password. Retype the password to confirm and click "Ok". 

  3. If a password already exists, you can Clear Password or Change Password. You will be asked to enter the project password first.

IMPORTANT: Please choose a memorable password and record the password in a memorable location. If a project password is lost, please email your project file to

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