To learn how to create a design for your XTouch device, click here.

There are two ways to go online with XTouch Control: 

  1. You can associate an XTouch Control with a specific physical device- meaning you can map the design to a specific physical XTouch panel. 

  2. Associate the XTouch Control with a Solaro Series DSP. This stores the design in the DSP device so that any XTouch control panel can obtain the design without needing to map it in Xilica Designer.
    Important: Because XTouch designs can be associated with Solaro devices, it is recommended to password protect the XTouch device configuration so only authorized personnel can load designs to the panel.

Associate XTouch Control with Solaro Series DSP. 

1. In Xilica Designer's Project View, right click the device.

2. Select "Map to Physical Device" > "Associate XTouch design with Solaro DSP device" > select the Solaro Series device

3. Notice that on the Solaro Series DSP, a new "Associated XTouch(s)" button appears.

4. Click the "Associated XTouch(s)" button and select the XTouch Control to view the XTouch design.

5. At the top of the work area, select "Load Design to Device(s)". The XTouch Control will display in red as not connected. Click "Ok."

6. Open the XTouch App on your device.

7. Swipe up on the device screen and select the gear (settings) icon. Configure your device settings and "Ok" to save the changes. 

8. Swipe up on the device screen. Select the link icon (next to gear icon).

9. The XTouch App will look for a device on the network. Once found, the screen will display the Solaro Series DSP name and associated XTouch Control.

10. Select the XTouch Control and click "Apply".  

11. The design will be loaded onto the XTouch App device.

12. Double click the XTouch Control module in the Xilica Designer software.

13. Changes made on the XTouch App device will mirror in the Xilica Designer software.

14. Select "Go Back to Design Mode" to switch back into design mode any time. 

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