The Project Scheduler automatically recalls a preset at the scheduled time. The scheduler allows presets to be reoccurring or a one-time trigger. Solaro Series DSP have a built-in project scheduler.

To set the project scheduler, first you must have Project Presets.

Set your time zone: 

  1. In Xilica Designer’s Network view, Right click the device block and select "Device Setup".

  2. A window will appear. Select the Network Tab. 

  3. In the Date and Time Zone section, click the "Change Time Configuration" button.

  4. Select your time zone in the Time Zone drop down menu. 

  5. Then click "Apply". Then "Done".

Set your device time:

  1. To set up the device clock, Xilica Designer provides a function to allow you to synchronize your host computer clock to the device real-time clock. 

  2. In Network view, a Clock icon will be displayed in the lower left of the device block. When online, the device clock will check and confirm that it is the same as your host computer.
    If the clock is correct, it will display a normal clock icon. Under this situation, you do not need to do anything as the clock in the device is correct.
    If the clock is different from your host computer, the clock will display a question mark on top of the icon.
    Sync one device: Right click the device block > Synchronize Device clock.  
    Sync all devices at once: At the top right of the software > Sync clock to all devices
    Note: After the clock is synchronized, the device will automatically reboot.

Scheduling Presets

  1. Navigate to Project view. On the Solaro device, click on the "Project Scheduler" button.

  2. A  window will pop-up.

  3. All saved project presets will display in the left Component Library menu. Click & drag the desired preset(s) into the Project Scheduler.

  4. Change the start and end dates by using the drop down menus.

  5. Set the reoccurring type if the preset will be triggered once or be a reoccurring event. 

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