As a major step forward in multi-manufacturer interoperability, Xilica Designer allows programming of third-party partner devices natively within the software (see more here). However, if your device isn't listed, you can drag a Generic Dante Device module into the work area. 

The Generic Dante Device module allows users to replicate their own third-party Dante device and configure it in the work area. Easily define the Dante Device module’s Dante I/O in the right Object Properties menu and then simply map your device.

1. This module can be found in Project View's Component Library menu, Other System Components > User Defined Devices > Dante Enabled Device.

2. Click and drag the device onto the work area. 

3. Configure the number of Dante Input and Output channels in the Object Property menu.

4. Connect the Dante signal wiring to set up the Dante connection.

5. Once configured, check your device connection in Network View. Your device must be connected and online in order to map your device.

6. Go back to Project View and Right click your device. Select "Map to Physical Device" and select the device you would like to map to.

7. Before going online you must save your project. 

8. At the top-centre of Project View, click "Load Design to Device(s)". A pop-up window will appear. Select the devices you would like to load the design to. Please wait for the design to be loaded into your devices. 

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