Due to compatibility, some features are not available for X Series devices in Xilica Designer.

Xilica Designer does not display if your X Series device is connected to the network. 

An alternative solution to see if your device is connected to the network is to map your device. If your device is listed, your device is successfully connected to the network. 

To map your device,
Right click your DSP module.
Select “Map to Physical Device" > Universal Control IP setting" > "Setup IP Address...". 

Then type in the device IP address into the device IP box. Click "Ok" to save the changes.

To go online, click the red “Load Design to Device(s)” button at the top of the software.

A window will appear. Select the devices to load the design to.

When in online mode, the background of the software will become a solid color. Notice that the "Load Design to Device(s)" button has changed to “Switch Back to Online Mode”.

When switching back to online mode, the software will ask you if you'd like to save online changes back into the design.

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