In the spirit of interoperability, and in line with our mission to make integrator's lives easier, Xilica has partnered with a number of audio-visual manufacturers to incorporate third-party devices into Xilica Designer. 

In Designer, you will see a number of third-party brands and devices listed in the Component Library menu. These devices are readily available for users to use in their project designs.

Xilica's current partners include: ACX, Ashly, Attero Tech, Audio-Technica, Australian Monitor, AVer, Bose, Christie, Danley Sound Labs, Guzauski-Swist, KMTronic, Lectrosonics, NEC, NETIO, PJLink, Powersoft, PTZ Optics, RCF, RDL, Sharp, Stewart Audio, Tascam, Vieta, Visual Productions, Williams AV, Yamaha and Yorkville Sound. 

Alternatively, if you're preferred brand isn't listed, you can map your device into Xilica Designer using the Generic Dante Device module. Xilica is continuously adding partners, so if you'd like to suggest a brand you want to see integrated, please let our Dealer Services team know. 

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