Xilica products are available through a number of different sales channels. 

International (non-US) distribution

For each country Xilica operates in, excluding the United States, we have an authorised distributor. These firms partner with Xilica to provide local sales, logistics and support in your territory. If you are a trade customer (i.e. a business which resells Xilica products to others, or rents Xilica products to others), you should contact your distributor to discuss opening an account. From there, you'll be able to obtain pricing and availability for your chosen product. 

You can find the contact details for your local distributor by visiting: https://xilica.com/partners/, and selecting the appropriate region from the drop-down. If no distributor is listed, please contact the Regional Sales Manager shown at the top of the page. 

Dealer sales in the United States

In the United States, Xilica operates through a network of independent manufacturers' representatives, who provide sales and project support to our dealers. 

If you are a potential dealer in the US, please contact the independent sales representative for your region at: https://xilica.com/partners/?region=united-states

If you are an existing dealer, please contact Dealer Services (North America) in Toronto, Canada, either via email (dealerservices_na@xilica.com), or US Toll Free on (877) 767-0234.

For further information about becoming a dealer, pricing policies and sales management, you may contact our dedicated Regional Sales Manager, Barry Steinburg, at (877) 767-0234, or via barry.steinburg@xilica.com. 

End-user sales

If you're an end-user looking to purchase a Xilica product, the sales channel you'll use will depend on the product you're purchasing. 

Xilica always recommends choosing to purchase through an authorised Xilica dealer. These companies can provide advanced support and service options for your Xilica product, and you know you're always buying a genuine Xilica device. Authorised Xilica dealers can be found by contacting Xilica Dealer Services (on +1 (877) 767-0234, or dealerservices_na@xilica.com). Please provide your ZIP code (US) or country (international) for assistance. Xilica dealers will typically sell the full range of Xilica products.

Online music stores may also be authorised Xilica dealers in their country of origin. They will typically sell the X Series and other associated products common in the MI sector. It is unlikely that online MI retailers will sell advanced Xilica products such as Solaro, Neutrino and Uno, or accessories. For these items, we recommend you contact your nearest Xilica dealer. For international customers outside of North America, your local distributor may also be able to assist you in finding a local dealer. 

Please be aware, some online music stores will not always provide assistance for the Xilica products they sell you. You are welcome to contact our dedicated support team (via +1 (877) 767-0234 or at support_na@xilica.com) for assistance.

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