Xilica's software and firmware versions are continuously upgraded by our software engineering team to ensure you get the latest features, and a simple, bug-free experience.

Xilica Designer

To download Xilica Designer, head over to the dedicated product page here. Scroll down until you see the downloads tab, and click on the links under "Xilica Designer – Software". You have the choice of PC (Windows) and Mac versions.


To download XConsole, head over to any X Series product page (either XD or XP). Scroll down, and click on the 'Downloads' tab. Under "XConsole DSP Configuration Software – PC", click on the latest version.

XConsole is Windows-only. If you're looking to programme an X Series product using a Mac, please either download Xilica Designer (see above instructions), or run XConsole using Parallels on your Mac device.

Device Firmware

To find the latest firmware for your device, go to the relevant product page on xilica.com. Scroll to the bottom, click the 'Downloads' tab and check under the 'Firmware' sub-header.

In the latest version of Xilica Designer, “Device Firmware Manager” is available. This feature will automatically check for new Firmware upgrades for Neutrino and Solaro series processors upon application startup. If a new Firmware version is available, you can click on the download button to obtain it. Once a specific version of the firmware has been obtained by the Xilica Designer software, it will list it as a firmware upgrade option when you do the firmware upgrade to a specific device model.

XTouch Apps

XTouch apps can be downloaded by searching the respective App Store (iOS) or Google Play platform. You can also download the PC and Mac versions under the 'Downloads' tab on the appropriate product's webpage at xilica.com. 

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