Although we previously released a Mac-compatible version of XConsole, Xilica's programming software for the X Series, we have had to remove this from development due to compatibility issues.

Currently, XConsole is only available for use on Windows. If you're running on Mac, you can either:

(1) Download Xilica Designer, featuring its contemporary drag-and-drop interface, to programme your X Series product natively in Macintosh, 


(2) Download Parallels, which enables you to use Windows on your Mac device, and open up XConsole through that.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, however many of our customers prefer the contemporary feel of Xilica Designer, and the additional benefits offered through its use. Promoting a stable, reliable software is our priority, and we feel Xilica Designer is a perfect means to programme your X Series product quickly and easily on any platform. 

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