XConsole is only available for use on Windows. If you're running on Mac, you can either: 

  1. Download Parallels, which enables you to use Windows on your Mac device, and open up XConsole through that. 

  2. Download Xilica Designer, however some features are not available for X Series.

Xilica Designer
When using Xilica Designer, there are limitations for X Series including: seeing the device connection status and the different software platform. 

  1. Open Xilica Designer and start a New project. 

  2. Select Neutrino/Uno/Rio Series.

  3. In the left menu, locate your device. 

  4. Drag and drop the device onto the dotted work area. Double click the device module to view the parameters.

  5. Right click the device module > Map Physical device > Universal Control IP Setting > Setup IP Address. 

  6. On the front panel of the device, confirm the device IP address. Make sure that the device IP Address on the front panel and the IP Address in the software match. Press Ok to confirm. 

  7. File > Save As your file to a memorable location. 

  8. At the top-centre of the work area, Load Design to Device(s). The online status will be unknown. Click Ok. 

  9. Once online, double click the device module to open it and make changes to the device.

When using Xilica Designer, you also have the option to use a device running the XTouchApp to control the DSP. XTouchApp works for any Mac, PC, iOS or Android device. X Series can only have one device controlling the device at a given time.


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