Recently, the XA line was discontinued, so now these two prefixes represent the full X Series portfolio. X Series products are typically used in live sound applications, basic studio processing environments, or installation settings where standalone DSPs are required alongside basic control options and cost-efficiency. 

For more complex and sophisticated applications, including those requiring networked Dante audio, advanced control surfaces, high channel counts and superior processing blocks, many customers choose to upgrade to the new Solaro series.

The key differences between XD and XP products are:

(1) XD models include 4x8 or 8x8 AES/EBU I/O (depending on the model), and FIR filters.
(2) The XD models are a premium option as part of the X Series, and as such, their power supply, DSP chip and internal components are of a higher quality than those in the more affordable XP range. 

Both products are available through authorised Xilica dealers, and both are manufactured in Xilica's own factory to Canadian-engineered designs. 

Find out more about the XD and XP units at 

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