The Xilica X Series, including XA-, XD- and XP- models, includes password protection for added security and user piece-of-mind. Occasionally, some users may forget their password and need to manually reset password protection. 

First, download the latest version of XConsole from the 'Downloads' tab on your X Series product page (e.g. You'll need to be using Windows to successfully use XConsole. If you need to, we recommend Parallels for Windows compatibility on a Mac OS. 

Once the software is installed, open it up. When the prompt 'Do you want to connect to the device?' appears, select 'No'.  

Navigate to the main menu. Click 'Start', followed by 'Log On', to access the device. 

Enter the default password for your product, which is 'xfactory'.  

Go back to the main menu again, and click 'Setup', followed by 'Factory'. Enter the 8-digit code in the 'Startup 8-Digit Code' box. Then click 'Calculate'. (To find your 8-digit code, click here for further instruction) 

Your password will appear in the 'User Password' box.

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